Sales Trainer Kenny Galloway has a decade of experience, experimenting and expertise in sales, marketing and customer service. He provides a range of predominately sales focused services, aimed at enhancing and improving businesses across Northern Ireland. Over the years Kenny has received in-depth training from some of the largest tech companies on the planet, meaning that as a Trainer he is not only an experienced sales professional, but he has also been expertly trained himself.


Training services include:

  • Sales training: For outbound focused sales teams, call centre sales teams or individuals from all business sectors, helping sales teams understand the psychology behind, success and motivation as well as getting back to basics and enhancing their skill set.


  • Outsourced business enhancement solutions: Telesales, lead generation, prospect mining, mystery shopping with analysis/reporting and much more.


  • Customer service training: For customer facing employees and telephone based customer service advisors from all business sectors, ensuring that customer service teams understand the impact of poor customer service on the business.


  • Basic Linkedin training: Learn the basics of Linkedin and how to utilise the free versions to benefit your business.


  • ZOHO CRM Training for sales teams: Specialising in Zoho CRM helping businesses to fully embed it at the heart of their business to help improve sales and customer service work flows to gain further insight into sales patterns, sales activities, customer queries and complaints as just a few examples.