Say YES to the Spanish #Learnuary Challenge

Spanish Language Trainer Alex from Wee Love Languages challenges you to learn 31 Spanish words or phrases this #LearnuaryNI To take the Wee Love Languages #LearnuaryNI Challenge simply follow Wee Love Languages on their Instagram Page, Facebook or Twitter. With thanks to Alex for becoming an Educator on the #LearnuaryNI challenge.

Learn Spanish this #LearnuaryNI with Language Trainer Alex of Wee Love Languages:

  • Day 1: Learn how to say Happy New Year
  • Day 2: Learn how to introduce yourself with the simple phrase: Hello, My Name is:
  • Day 3: Master saying Happy Birthday
  • Day 4: Learn how to ask someone where they are from
  • Day 5: Learn how to pronounce the colours of the rainbow correctly
  • Day 6: Learn how to refer to your family members
  • Day 7: Learn how to say YES
  • Find Day 8 – 31 by following Wee Love Languages.
If you are inspired to say YES to learning Spanish as part of your personal #LearnuaryNI journey, let us know – simply post on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google + or Snapchat your daily learning. You can start learning from January 1 to January 15. In order to graduate from the #LearnuaryNI challenge you should have posted 31 new learnings on social media and emailed your 31 learnings (or teachings) to before midnight on February 14.

About #LearnuaryNI

To find out more about #LearnuaryNI – a Northern Ireland learning challenge to encourage people to learn one new thing (or teach one thing) each day for 31 days visit #LearnuaryNI. For inspiration follow the hashtag #LearnuaryNI on social media, visit our #LearnuaryNI blogs or click on ‘Find a Course’.

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